Journal 1 Page 1 January 01, 1855

My Journal

[written in pencil on inside front cover:]

Rupert M. commenced Feb. 15. 1855. ended Sept. 28.1857
[also several names and addresses written.]

Jan 1855.

Frances E Willard

Janesville. Rock Co. Wisconsin

[noted in pencil in margin:]

"Rupert Melville" commenced Feb. 15 1855 ended Sept 28, 1857
upon my 18th Birthday

January 1, 1855

-My dear Journal

You &

I become acquainted today, I know your history, let me give you a sketch of my own I was born fifteen years ago the 28th day of last September in the little town of Churchville in Monroe Co N.Y. When I was two years old my Father moved to Oberlin Ohio & remained there five years then he emigrated to the state of Wisconsin where we now are____ I'll tell you some of the most remarkable incidents of my life & that of the family-I have a brother Oliver now twenty years of age in Nov 1851 he first left home to go to Beloit College in 1852 he entered college-in Febuary 1854 he went to Oberlin College-was taken sick & is now at home recruiting[?]-My Father broke his leg-or rather his leg was broken the 28 day of Sept 1853. The sixteenth day of February 1853 I drank the first water from our well Nov 28 1854 I did my first cooking it was a cake.-The winter of 1850 we spent in Janesville- I had ommitted to tell you that we live on a farm- while there I first took lessons in music since then I've taken 'off & on"-I expect 'some day' to be a teacher of music- I once thought I should like to be Victoria's maid of honor-since I thought I'd be a resident of [...... ]-next I wanted to be an artist next again I wished to be a hunter but returning from these deviations I've decided to be a Music Teacher 'simply that & nothing more.______

Now Journal I am going to write what we
did on New Year's day we got up!-& Mother went to washing-Mary & I were hanging out clothes & washing dishes till 10 o'clock then the work was done in the afternoon we went down to Mr Hodge's had a fine time___ Weather warm & sunshiny.

January 2, 1855