Journal 2 Page 1 July 24, 1855

[About 1/2 of the journal (pp.1-49) is Mary's for 1/1/1855- 5/15/1855. Then FEW takes over the journal.]


July 24, 1855

Frances Willard

The rye is finished today.-Went out in the field two or three times. A man called to hire out. A Mr Davis took Lark Langdon's place. Lark is quite sick. One of the Kibby's called to work.-M &I went down in the pasture with Father after the oxen, just before dark.-Oh the wildness, beauty, freshness, freedom, of the uncultivated West! Then May & I went 'way out in the field for a pail,-I did feel braver, after these exploits (?). Two men called.-The Carey children called. Rupy Hodge called-Commenced on the oats.-May & I sew now-adays.