Journal 3 Page 1 September 24, 1855

Continuation of Journal for 1855. Frances Willard. Forest Home

September 24, 1855

Monday. Father at Town all day attending to ""Fair buisness"" he is there all the time nowadays. Oliver at Town in forenoon-in afternoon cutting up corn-at evening gone to Town for Father. Mother made Mary & me some nice quilted skirts. Mary Tullay ironing. Men at work cutting up corn. Anna Hodge came; stayed two hours-she & I went up in the steeple; wrote on my story, studied & did needle-work. Father bo't Mary & me each a nice pair of kid gloves price 2 shillings per pair; the first we ever had. He bo't himself a nice coat & beautiful vest-price of both 8 dollars & a half. The Fair! The Fair!!!

September 25, 1855

Mary & I arranged rooms, sewed read, & studied. Went down to Mr Hodge's with O. & got 6 of his chickens for the Fair. Mr H. mailed my letter to A.-Oliver went to Town twice, with load of wheat once, got 25 cts per bushel & a dollar besides!-Mother scalding her preserves. Mary T. ironing. Corn cutting finished today. Mike put up our swing. Saw a rainbow. Wrote to Morilla. Wrote on my story. On Saturday commenced knitting Father pair of socks

September 26, 1855

Oliver Aldoph & Mike cleaned up load of wheat before breakfast-O. gone with it to Town. Edwd & Mike drawing manure. Mary & I doing usual work Beautiful day. Teams with cows & sheep [?] going by on their way to the Fair. Mary T. at usual work. Father has been from home two nights & three days.-Oliver took a man & woman to Afton got $1.50 for it. Pretty cool weather. Mr Hodge & boys went to the Fair on foot. Oliver got sprinkled by the fire-not fire, waterengine. O the Fair! The Fair!! Goody!!!!!!!

September 27, 1855

Edward sick. We got up at 5 o'ck in morning to go to the Fair. Dressed in our delaine skirts, black silk basques & kid gloves. Mother wore her black silk dress & brosha shawl.-All went shut up the house. Had 45 cts to spend John Hodge went with us. Mrs Carey went. Now for the grand task or pleasure,-which? of describing the Fair The moment we got there, Oliver drove around the course thrice or four times & then we alighted O. took Jack & saddled & bridled him & rode on his own acct. The rest of us separated&""went our ways"" I can only speak for Mary & ""selfs"" who remained together First we went to the North side of the Ladies Hall on the outside, & saw J [?] Powers collection of Daguerrotypes, very fine & life like, among them were Mr Burdick president of the Agricultural Society-C R Gibbs Secratary &