Journal 4 Page 1 January 01, 1856

[Journal 4 for 1856 also contains entries from 2/25-4/3/1860]]

[Front pages-some notations of expenses from 1860]

[page 1:]

Number Seven.

Frances E. Willard.


1656 Forest Home

[in pencil: ]

Frances E. Willard

Gabriel=Jesus Christ.

[p. 2:]

Kankakee. Nov. 27, 1860.

"What is steam?" I asked one of my little girls. She remained in profound thought a moment or more, & then said, "It is what makes the white-wash come off of houses.!

Alice Dubois said "O Miss Willard! Ma's almost crazy about that note where you told her I was a good little girl." She went right off & bought me some red mittens when she got it!

-Brought this book to show drawing class about physiognomy.

January 1, 1856

Tuesday.-The old Year is gone, with its thousand hopes & fears, joys & sorrows; & it behooves us to be grateful for past blessings, thankful for past enjoyments, & submissive, & uncomplaining if aught of greif & sorrow has befallen.-With new hopes, or newly revived & stimulated hopes, let us set out again "Forgetting the things that are behind, press forward manfully to those which lie before."-I have made some new resolutions, vis-To endeavor to keep under control my temper, which is rather getting the mastery of me.-To speak in a low voice; & two or three others concerning local habits of mine, such as to do what I can towards cureing my cattarrh &c. &c.-Oliver drawing wood all day-He broke down, however.-Mary Tullay & Micheal, attended their church in morning took dinner at Edward's & then Mary ret'd, Mike came about 4. o'clk bro't Mary & me each a pretty penholder, pair side combs, St stick of candy.-Very generous. Father writing all day.- Mother, Mary & I got dinner, & did usual work. Mrs Belknap & Noyes, Jimmy Hodge, & Mr Carrier called.-So much for "New Year's Day," which was spent more monotonously than any other anniversary of the exit of the old year that I ever remember at "Forest Home." Wrote to the Gilman Girls. Went to traps.