Journal 5 Page 1 January 01, 1857

Frances E. Willard.

Forest Home.

Jan. 1st. 1857.

-The Epitome of a Life

[Very tiny volume with 3 days per page, 6 lines per day.]

January 1, 1857 [Thursday]

Mr. & Mrs. Frost, & a Mr Cobb, a classmate of Oliver's spent ""New Years' with us. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Hodge, & Mrs. Hovey came. We had a pleasant time.-Have made some new resolves, which I hope to be able to keep.-Weather fine, for Winter.-

January 2, 1857

Went to Town with Aunt Sarah, O. & Mr. Cobb. Made several trifling purchases.-In afternoon Mrs. Knoepfel called.-Have been copying a ""Course of Reading"" which Aunt S. brought with her from Milwaukee.-Pleasant Day.

January 3, 1857

Have a week past curled my hair. Prefer it to the old ""method of ""rolling.""-Finished Dred-Dont like it much.-Anna Churchman spent the P.M. with us. We tried to learn her ""Grecian Painting. Fine time.-Mother's birthday.-52nd one.)

January 4, 1857

Oliver, Mike, & Mary T. went to Church. Snowed some.-Spent the day reading & talking. Rather cold.-We began to feel anxious about Father, we have not heard from him yet, & he has been gone over 10 days!-

January 5, 1857

Aunt S. returned to Milwaukee.-""vacation"" over, & we return to our studies.-4. P.M.-rec'd letter from Father-Good News.-We answered it, also wrote to Aunt S. & Aunt Abigail.-Nothing else of importance.

January 6, 1857

Oliver went to Town, bo't bell, Parley's 2nd Book of History, &c. Got along well in my studies at school.-Mr Douglas called. Mike had a Holiday-Finished ""Analysis"" in Arithmetic-Advanced Eh?-

January 7, 1857

Oliver returned to Beloit.-Expect the rest of the winter, to ""go on the lonely tenor of our way.""-Get along well at school.-Froze