Willard’s journals continue as she moves to Evanston, Illinois, to attend the North Western Female College, and then to pursue a teaching career. Her reaction to the Civil War; her sister’s and father’s deaths; her teaching experiences; and her relationships with friends and mentors, are representative of a Midwestern woman of her time, while also unique in the context of Willard’s development into a committed reformer and leader.
Journal 6January, 1859February, 1859
Journal 7February, 1859May, 1859
Journal 8May, 1859August, 1859
Journal 9August, 1859January, 1860
Journal 10January, 1860January, 1860
Journal 11January, 1860March, 1860
Journal 11AMarch, 1860April, 1860
Journal 12April, 1860June, 1860
Journal 13June, 1860October, 1860
Journal 14September, 1860September, 1860
Journal 15October, 1860February, 1861
Journal 17AJanuary, 1861February, 1862
Journal 16February, 1861June, 1861
Journal 17June, 1861February, 1862
Journal 18September, 1861January, 1862
Journal 19February, 1862October, 1862
Journal 20December, 1862January, 1863
Journal 21January, 1863December, 1863
Journal 22July, 1864January, 1865
Journal 23January, 1866December, 1866
Journal 24January, 1867December, 1867
Journal 25January, 1868October, 1868