Willard’s account of her two-year tour of Europe and the Holy Lands fills 20 volumes, and alternately show Willard as the typical tourist, earnest student of art and culture, and commentator on foreign manners and morals (especially in regard to religion and to the role of women); she also finds time to reflect on her own life and goals as she enters her 30s.
Journal 26January, 1869February, 1869
Journal 27February, 1869May, 1869
Journal 28May, 1869July, 1869
Journal 29July, 1869August, 1869
Journal 30August, 1869August, 1869
Journal 31September, 1869September, 1869
Journal 32September, 1869November, 1869
Journal 33November, 1869December, 1869
Journal 34December, 1869February, 1870
Journal 35March, 1870March, 1870
Journal 36March, 1870April, 1870
Journal 37April, 1870April, 1870
Journal 38April, 1870April, 1870
Journal 39April, 1870April, 1870
Journal 40April, 1870April, 1870
Journal 41May, 1870May, 1870
Journal 42May, 1870May, 1870
Journal 43May, 1870June, 1870
Journal 44June, 1870July, 1870