The later journals record the continued growth of Willard’s thought as she deals with her mother’s death, the exhausting work of managing a world-wide organization (and the rise of factions within the WCTU that resisted Willard’s radical and wide-ranging Christian Socialist program), and the decline of her own health. Lists of meetings and appointments, interspersed with her typical lively commentary—even when she was 'tee-totally tired'—demonstrate her continuing dedication to 'Do everything' to make a better world.
Journals 75-89January, 1875January, 1889
Journal 45January, 1881May, 1881
Journal 46January, 1883September, 1883
Journal 47January, 1888March, 1888
Journal 48January, 1893December, 1893
Journal 49January, 1896December, 1896